Read To You

Version 2.0 submitted to Apple and should hit the App Store soon with a redesigned interface, new features, and improved experience

A full featured Lite version with a 160 character limit is available for free.

Read To You App Overview

Type or paste into the text window and press play.  Then Read To You will, well, read to you even while your device is locked, at the home screen, or using some apps.  Works great with headphones and Bluetooth too.

New With Update:

  • Swap between stored readings
  • Jump To selected sentence
  • Adjust font and size
  • Highlights current sentence

Background Reading:

  • Current sentence will be displayed on the lock screen and the media player within the control center for a quick look.
  • Play, pause, jump back or jump forward from the lock screen or media player within the control center


  • Instant Pause!
  • Rewind or advance a sentence at a time.
  • Jump to the beginning or jump to the end controls.
  • Intuitive interface and stylish look.
  • Retains reading location when suspended or closed.

Voice Options:

  • Select different language options for enhanced pronunciation. (NOTE:  While numbers and other items may be read in the selected language, the application does not translate.)
  • Alter the rate to increase or slow down the read back speed.
  • Adjust the pitch of the voice to deepen or raise the tone.
  • Voice volume slider providing some volume control of the voice without altering the device settings.
Available voice language pronunciations:
Thai, Brazil Portuguese, Slovak, Canadian French, Romanian, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, German, Netherlands Dutch, Indonesian, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian, Mexican Spanish, Hong Kong Chinese, Swedish, Hungarian, Taiwan Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, Belgium Dutch, UK English, Arabic, Korean, Czech, South African English, Australian English, Danish, US English, Ireland English, Hindi, Greek, and Japanese

Contact: for comments, questions, suggestions, concerns, and support.